Winamax support don t answer


I m a new player in winamax

I gave all my documents, and they approved my documents, but in the same time they ask me my documents (look the pic)

Impossible to make a withdrawal and to use miles

I wrote for 3 days to the support, nobody answer

Somebody can help me?



you have to wait you’re activation code, it will come at your home in few days.
Maybe your document aren’t conform to the plateform, wait few days you will have an answer.


I forward your message to the winamax support -->> @Winamax_Support .

I hope they can help you :wink:

Look the pic (documents approved in the bottom, and look the top)


I hope also

Then I think you have to wait the code :slight_smile:

No they didn t send
You have absolutely not this message when they sent the code

I think I need to close my account

Nobody answer, it s not normal

Thanks for your help