Table scanner sur HM2 avec Betclic ne marche pas ?


Après configuration d’un profile Betclic dans HM2 table scanner, et après avoir cliqué sur “start scan”, j’ai l’erreur suivante : “could not detect ipoker lobby”.
Quelqu’un connait il ce problème ? un sujet similaire avait été reporté en 2012, mais depuis cette date j’imagine que le problème a été résolu ?

merci !

Scanner is not currently available. I do not have an ETA for it.

Thank you for answer, can you just indicate what do you mean by ETA ?
Also I was wondering whether it is only for Betclic that Scanner does not work, or is it for all the rooms ?

Estimated Time of Arrival.

it is only working with instant scan, and it is very limited. You can turn it on in Scanner Settings.


I come back to you on this subject, I saw that instant scan is installed on my computer, but I don’t see where in the menu is it possible to use it. I checked from the tab “table scanner” but is no “instant scan” proposed from that menu. Is there a tutorial I can see on the web, or some explanation on how to use it ?


Instant Scan is free for everyone for now. It is not available on every site/game type/limit.

Table Scanner is not working. We do not have an ETA.