Récupérer mains hm2

Ma licence hm2 vient d’arriver à terme, je pense en prendre une nouvelle pour hm3.
Quelqu’un sait si il est possible de récupérer ses stats hm2 pour les mettre sur hm3 et donc avoir déjà un bon panel de mains ?
Merci (:

Je crois que ça se fait automatiquement, dans la migration !

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a) If you own HM2 the license never expires. The same code can be used on 2 pc’s you own at once and can be reset as often as needed. Please try using our site to retrieve and/or reset the code whenever necessary.

If you have any problems activating the software please see this FAQ for help in resolving licensing issues.

If you continue to have problems, please reproduce the problem and send your HM2Logs folder with a detailed description of what you were doing and what problems you were experiencing.

b) When installing HM3 there will be an option in the setup wizard to import your HM2 database (hands, notes, aliases, etc) as well as your HUDs.

You can also import databases after the setup wizard via the HM3 File menu - ‹ Import HM2 Database… ›, and HUDs via the HM3 HUD menu - ‹ Import HM2 HUDs… › or HUD Editor… - Options - 'Import HM2 Profile…, or you can just import the raw hands to HM3 from the C:\HM2Archive folder using the HM3 - File - ‹ Import Folder… › option.

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