Problème stat sur HM3

Je suis en train de retravailler mes pop up sur HM3 et j ai quelques questions.

Je ne trouve pas les stats de %3 bet suivant la position à la table. Je n ai que la stat de 3 bet général. Vous avez une idée?

Quelle est la différence entre les stats : Flop Fold to CB-3bet pot / Flop Fold vs Cbet 3bet pot ?

Merci d avance

I can’t find %3 bet stats by table position. I only have the 3 general bet stat. You have an idea?

HM3 does not have positional versions of every HUD stat like HM2 did, as many customers felt it cluttered up the stats list. Instead we have the HUD - HUD Editor - Item Properties - Position modifier as shown in this screenshot - Dropbox - positionalitemproperties.png - Simplify your life

What is the difference between the stats: Flop Fold to CB-3bet pot / Flop Fold vs Cbet 3bet pot?

You can see the definition right in the Reports Stats Picker. You can also right-click any stat and ‹ Copy Expression › then Paste (Ctrl+V) the expression/formula into any text editor. In the HUD Editor Stats Picker you have to hover over a stat name to see the definition.

The ‹ vs › one also includes ‹ check-folds ›.

Flop Fold to CB - 3BetPot = Percent of time player folds on flop when facing a continuation bet in 3Bet pot

Sum(« FoldedToFlopContinuationBet && (DidThreeBet || FacingPreflopThreeBet) ») / Sum(« FacingFlopContinuationBet && (DidThreeBet || FacingPreflopThreeBet) »)

Flop Fold vs Cbet 3Bet Pot = Percent of time player folds or check-folds on the flop when facing a CB in a 3Bet Pot

Sum(« FacingFlopContinuationBet && FoldedToFlopContinuationBet && !CheckFlop ») / Sum(« FacingFlopContinuationBet && !CheckFlop »)


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Ok .
It’s good.
Thank you very much.