Moving to France, pick a room

I am a 23 years old guy who’s now moving to France to begin my master’s degree.
I would like to know which would be the best room to open an account in.
These are my requirements:

  • no shitty softwares (that is multitabling AT LEAST 8x with no troubles)
  • good traffic at nl 50, being able to open at least 6 tbls at any reasonable hour
  • given that I will be playing around 50hrs per month, best rakeback deal (also considering that I will play only 4 months this year)

Merci merci for whoever is posting in this thread.

GL at the tables!

Sorry for late answer, didn’t notice your thread till now.

.fr offer is limited to 4 networks:

  1. iPoker lowest trafic, shitty software, rackeback OK.

  2. PP low trafic, depends at which hour you play but I am often struggeling to open 6 tables, I find the software just OK (same as if you know it) but a lot of troubles and many more negative views than mine.
    Rackback is the worst of the .fr

  3. PS you probably know the soft (same as .com) trafic should be OK too, probably best rackeback for NL50.

  4. Winamax, highest trafic in the .fr, imo best soft by far (better than PS but that is just my point of view), huge specificity however: it is 5 max not 6 max. Rackback almost similar to PS.

PS you would have more answers if you post in French :wink: